Who We Are

Yaya is a Filipino term for the member of the family household who is not usually related by blood, acting as a house assistant or help to all the family members.  They assist in every task that will keep the house in order; someone reliable.  RaceYaya is product proudly made in Manila, Philippines.  It shares 10% of its net proceeds in a fund that supports local talented athletes in their quest to compete in races outside the country.

We Are Your Yaya, Your RaceYaya

The RaceYaya team is consist of running enthusiasts who are experts in their own professional fields in information technology, marketing and events, finance and race organization.  Our team’s combined professional expertise and experiences have helped us to build the best technology suited for the endurance community of athletes, organizers, product sellers, and spectators.


RaceYaya Event Registration

Through our website race registration, steps and procedures are seamless and are automatically available for feedback and viewing both for athletes and organizers, taking out all the complicated process so you can focus on the other important logistics of your event.

Race Registration Management Solution: Race Application

Manage everything from one dashboard

RaceYaya allows you to create an event, launch your race registration, monitor race registration and payment, review participants’ details and create start list all in one screen.

Entry requirements RaceYaya allows your participants to upload the details of their race entry qualifications, upload copies of medical certificate and/or qualifying race and provide link to the official race results for validation.

Participant self-edits RaceYaya allow participants to update their personal info on their own and get updates on the status of their registration.


RaceYaya allows you to manage teams easily via a special portal that allows you to view all of your teams and make changes in one place. From this single portal, you can change captains, transfer categories, cancel a single team member registration, and more.


RaceYaya allows you to easily manage registration of relay team members.


RaceYaya allows you to set automatic email message to participants. It also allows you to send individual message to each participant or filter them to a group to send any update, inquiry or reminder.

Embed or link your registration to your exisiting website/facebook page

RaceYaya can be linked to your website or facebook page and it will land to the registration portal with one click.

Start List

Auto-generate your start list based on registration status.

Race Registration Management Solution: Integrated Payment Processing

Linked Registration Portal and Payment Portal

RaceYaya allows your participants to choose from different payment options with automatic update to their registration status.
Payment options are:

  1. ) automatic link to Paypal/Card
  2. ) Bank Deposit with deposit slip details upload by participants
  3. ) In-store payment via an auto generated reference payment
  4. ) Race Yaya Coupon for special arrangements. You will know immediately who has paid by opening the Race Yaya Registration Management Solution.
Audit Trail and Report

RaceYaya system allows you to verify payment first versus third party reports from your paypal or bank statements before confirming registration using the reference numbers.


RaceYaya allows you to sell merchandise as participants register giving the participants a chance to gear up and register in one smooth transaction while adding an additional revenue stream for your event and sponsors.

Coupon codes

RaceYaya allows you to generate coupon codes or discounts, either as one-offs or in bulk, to offer different prices to different groups or individual participants.

RaceYaya offers partnership tie-ups. If you are interested to be a RaceYaya Partner in your region/country, please email us at [email protected]

We specialize in running sports from road marathons and ultramarathons to trail or mountain running events.

RaceYaya Timing Solutions

RaceYaya Timing Solutions provides a complete race results hosting, timing and finish line services. Our premium services ensure that your event runs smoothly as planned. Allow our team to handle the hectic, demanding details of event timing and compiling results so you can focus on those special touches that make your event unique.

RaceYaya Timing Solutions: An affordable and reliable race timing solution
  • Finish line and checkpoint timing using NFC Reader, GPS Tracking, RFID or Manual Logging
  • Real-time monitoring of participant status per checkpoint
  • Live results platform that may include finisher photos/video, Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging options
  • Searchable results posted to your website and ours
  • Printable accurate official results
  • RaceYaya Timing Bracelet.

A timing device is attached to each participants before the start of the race. RaceYaya recommends that this is done after claiming of race bib and identity verification. The bracelet can only be removed by cutting and participants are not allowed to force remove it.

Mobile Device and RaceYaya Phone App

The device takes data from different checkpoints and allow checkpoint marshals to monitor participants’ headcount. A timing device is distributed to each timing checkpoints. The device can be operated and used by any volunteer who can be trained before deployment. A 30-minute training and familiarization is recommended.

The device can be enabled via WiFi, GSM or satellite data service, in order to transmit the data in real-time to the Internet.

Given the availability of mobile device and volunteer, the organizer can provide unlimited checkpoints and add un-announce checkpoints in all weather conditions, in cities or in the mountains.

A RaceYaya Organizer App

The App is accessible via the Internet and can also be used offline to manage race security. The data transmitted is very light and can work even on a 2G network. It is possible that data will not transmit and data can be collected at the race headquarter.

This allows the organizer to:

  1. ) Identify when participant starts the race, arrives/departs at checkpoints;
  2. ) Race headquarters has powerful tools at their disposal to guarantee the safety of the race and participants;
  3. ) Identify at any point where a participant is located; and
  4. ) Detect possible anomalies on participants speed and location.
Dedicated RaceYaya Tracking Site per Race

The link is is 100% accessible via internet for the public to follow the race live. This allows public participation as they follow participants step by step and keep up with the changing rankings directly on the internet.

RaceYaya Timing Solutions offers partnership tie-ups. If you are interested to be a RaceYaya Partner in your region/country, please email us at [email protected]